Monday, 12 April 2010

Mute Swimmer - Record Release

I'm pleased to say that the record is done and available to your ears for an inevitable (but hopefully worthwhile) foray into commerce. You can get it from me directly for ten English pounds including postage (at the email above), at gigs for £8, or here:

I'll resist the temptation to describe the music as such. Suffice to say the album is eponymously titled. It has ten tracks with a few hidden surprises. It was recorded by Lawrence Collyer, Stephen Burch and myself in various rooms in the south of England. I mixed it with some help from Stephen and we mastered it here in Berlin.
It features the invaluable musical contributions of The Diamond Family Archive (electric guitar, keyboard, voice), Nezih Antakli (Percussion and atmospheres), Kay Johnson (vocals) and The Great Park (organ).

There are 110 numbered copies with lyric sheet inserts, fold out covers and photos which I designed and made myself with moderate mechanical interventions and the help of Fee and Stephen.

As a taster here's a free download of the song 'Different Name' from the album:
Finally thanks to the many people directly or indirectly involved for their support and patience while I've been doing this.

I hope you find something to enjoy there.

Guy/Mute Swimmer

Here's a video of Saturday night at Ida Nowhere, Neuk├Âlln, Berlin if you want to take a look:

Thanks to Magdelena for this.