Monday, 12 January 2009

Memory of Iguazu

After the boat trip I lost everyone and wandered around a portion of the lower walk on my own. I am pleased to say, despite sending the odd post card to myself, the sheer scale and power of Iguazu transcended a) my own cynicism b) its obvious tourist trappings. It is simply stunning and I feel to say any more would be to diminish it.

 Later, on route to the ‘Garganta Del Diablo’ (The Devils Throat) I run into two chemically assisted Mexican’s and an English man who I had met at the hostel the night before. The four of us pass a fantastic day…I am not sure what this says about me (or them for that matter)…Later Will (the English guy) and I cook up a Bolognase for everyone in the well provided but ultimately soulless environs of the Hostel Inn. Maybe it tastes better than it is out of our extreme hunger and the collective sense of enterprise…Owing to their ‘enhanced energy levels’ we calculate that we have walked about 18k in the day. I am inclined to note the story regarding a triangle in case I am to forget it, though I realise I leave it hanging stupidly at the end of a paragraph.

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