Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Some Notes On Copacabana and Isla Del Sol

Copacapana harbour. Four grown men getting scared in a plastic peddle boat shaped like a swan….

Converting most everyone to the game of ‘Shithead’.

The utter strangeness of the spectacle of a priest blessing a meticulously decorated queue of cars whilst the family sup beers and set off fireworks underneath the back wheels.

Thinking Copacapana was a bit of hippy tourist shell with nothing in its middle and, after three days, feeling my first impression was probably right.

Saying goodbe to Joakim on the boat to Isla Del Sol.

Manuel’s obsession (which began in Sucre) with the Lithuanian girl and her ‘Brother’ reaching new levels of self deception.

The weird combination of charming curiosity and utter cynicism evident in the children on Isla Del Sol.

Forgetting my trunks (again).

Amazing vistas walking from the north to the south side of the island. (Isla Del Sol is the highest lake of its kind in the world, so I´m told.

Not seeing any men of the village for days. Wondering what the fuck they were doing and where.

The proportion of children working in South America is, I suppose, a necessity but still I feel quite over-joyed to see a few playing – no purpose (or commerce) involved.

A lighter exploding in my pocket on a floating straw island during a very tranquil wedding ceremony. The faces of the two fisherman sat next to me. One asking me in the most sincere and concerned tone ‘Amigo?’ and me, bemused, feeling myself up for wounds. Thinking for a moment I had been assassinated in the most bizarre location ever. I guess this was funnier than I can transcribe it.

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