Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Fucking Bambi

There's no question. Bambi is a sad old lament. It's the most recent song that made it onto the record and it's probably the most personal too - perhaps for both reasons I find it hard to write about. Suffice to say it's littered with autobiographical distress signals but, having said that, I think the lyrics are quite funny - even intentionally so - in places. I guess I’m trying to do a lot of things with this song musically and lyrically (ie: by my standards, it's ambitious). I hope I pulled it off. It's a favorite of mine off the record.

Massive props to Daniella (Grimm) who played the violin on this song and who was so patient in interpreting my (non -violin playing) vision of it and innovating around those ideas in such a personal way. Her playing through the 'pessimists jig' at the end of the track especially kills me.

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