Friday, 26 September 2008


Argentinian Chet Baker (Subte, 08/10/08)

Perhaps it is a product of a kind  loneliness, or else a kind of inherent expectation of familiarity, but today was a day of duplicates, doppelgangers. I found so many equivelants for those I know or have known - faces from the past or present; celebreties also. The klezmer player touring with Nezih, for example, is a perfect minature replica of Harvey Keitel. Talking to him is a bit like watching Mean Streets in a Bugsy Malone style. Later, after the gig, I meet the dutch Christopher Walken. A tuba player/conductor who has dispensed with Mr Walken's hair in favour of an early 90's Bon Jovi -  Christopher Walken in the Bon Jovi biopic perhaps. Friends: an Irish Sam, a Turkish Jeremy (for those that know them). It's gone on since…types, body language, seeking or recognising familiar traits/connections - It makes me want to itemise them Perec style - does that sound a bit fascistic(?)

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