Friday, 26 September 2008

Language (1)

Getting by in another language, barely, but to grow in confidence a little. An acceptance that humiliation of sorts is requisite…I prepare to be embarrassed every time I open my mouth. To speak less perhaps, as a man in his thirties, than most native six year olds is an excercise in forced humility. I try to conquer it, the language and the fear. To embrace a mistake, to receive instruction, help, correction. I’m young in this, necessarily. 

I am grateful for the little spanish I have though. The benefits of speaking something have enhanced my first week a good deal. Occasionally, a moment of grace, I forget myself in public (spanish conversation, speech) and then remember again. (Internal dialogue: I'm speaking spanish! I'm spealking spanigish, Shit..What?) Partial flow, occasional grace. Note: Accents – wanting to find out more about the Italian connection here.

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