Friday, 26 September 2008

Language (2)

Last night an ‘asado’ (barbeque) with Nezih, Harvey Keitel and others. A beautiful run down old porteno house with a totally crazy, affectionate dog leaping about on wheeled desk chairs and catching our airborn leftovers. Observing the gradual decline in my comprehension of anything spoken which ran, unsuprisingly, in parallel decline to my ability to communicate anything. Observing too the (negative) impact it has on others, interrupting the flow, their concern, their not wanting to be over concerned. I am all frustration, interiority - but trying not to show it. Kind of angrey to be back again in this position. To be thinking for 180th time that I have to learn this language properly.

Ate the most amazing food. The argentinian meat is as good as its reputation. Jammed on a Bazooki in studio with Nezih and Gabrielle on percussion and double bass respectively. Lovely people present, amazing musicians, well out of my depth. Got a contact from Harvey K about Spanish teacher. Nezih’s last night. Sad to see him go but also grateful for the coincidence of having seen him at all.

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The Great Park said...

I am following all this with much affection and interest Guy. Just wanted you to know that. sbx